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Not only does being a teacher in a nursery school demand excellent education and systematic, continuous training, but also it requires edagogical intuition and an endless source of love and patience.

Due to this fact, our teachers are highly qualified people who share a passion and devotion for their work and know how to work on the development of your children. Our nursery school cooperates with a psychologist and a speech therapist.


Monika Skupień

Working with kids gives me great satisfaction, thanks to my great contact with nursery – school pupils learning becomes easy and brings lot of fun. 

  • Teacher Training College of Foreign Language in Chrzanów, speciality: English.

  • School of Marketing Management and Foreign Language in Katowice

  • School of Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Chrzanów, speciality; Postgraduate Studies Early School Pedagogy and Nursery School Pedagogy

    Additional courses

  • Polish Institution of Kinezjologists – Instructor of Educative Kinezjology 

Agnieszka Anderson

For the past six years I have been sharing with my pupils the pleasure of learning English . I do my best to conduct classes with humour and in an enjoyable way, and to make foreign language learning, enjoyable and motivating for future further learning. The smile and progress of learning which you get from children every day is what I find the most rewarding and satisfying in my job. 

  • The University of Bielsko –Biała: speciality ; Master Studies English Literature and Culture

  • The University of Bielsko-Biała: speciality: Slavic Studies, English-Russian –Polish.

  • The University of Bielsko – Biała: speciality: Postgraduate Studies -Pedagogy


Romana Matuszczyk 

Since my youngest years, spending time with children brings me a lot of joy, I love to play with them at the same time teaching them and giving them opportunity to know the word. Due to this fact, I have made my decision about my future studies and profession. Now I have the confidence to expand as a teacher and to do what      I love the most. 

  • The University of Silesia in Cieszyn, speciality: Social Work and Caring and Educative Work

  • The University of Silesia in Cieszyn, speciality: Caring and Educative Pedagogy

  • The University of Silesia in Cieszyn, speciality: Master Studies Early School Pedagogy and Nursery School Pedagogy

  • The University of Bielsko-, speciality: Spanish Studies


Dorota Markiel

I take a lot of joy in working with children, it brings me a lot of pleasure and motivates me to elevate my qualifications. My amazing contact with nursery pupils helps me to notice and meet their demands. 

  • Teaching Training Collage in Bielsko-Biała, speciality: Master Studies ; Nursery and Early School Education.


Magdalena Czorny

My education and my professional experience has given me an opportunity to gain the knowledge useful while working with kids. Thanks to my work in nursery I can motivate children to broaden and expand their knowledge. 

  • The Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa, Master Studies ; speciality ; Integrated Early School Pedagogy and Nursery School Pedagogy


Teachers Assistants

Aleksandra Wróbel

Every child has happiness and truth, and extending this truth is my dream. The moment I have integrated my dreams with my personal ambitions I became fulfilled. It is a marvelous feeling to be someone`s friend, minder or simply to be needed

  • Teaching Training Collage in Bielsko-Biała, speciality: Special Education - Rehabilitation Pedagogy with elements of prevention.

Paulina Czauderna

Working with children has always been my dream. I`m really enthusiastic therefor I can fulfill my dreams in a nursery school. However, the specification of such work demands a large amount of responsibility and safe measures, not only to make children safe, but as well as, to care for their proper education and physical growth. Thus, this motivates me toward self improvement as a future educator.

Simultaneously it yields optimism and gladness in my life.

  • Higher School of Administration in Bielsko-Biała, speciality; Early School Pedagogy and Nursery School Pedagogy