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In our nursery school children are in contact with music every day. .Music makes it possible to achieve within a few minutes what normally can be achieved after weeks of meditation. People who regularly listen to pieces of baroque music( Vivaldi, Bach, Telemann, Corelli) influence the improvement of their IQ, improve memory, visualization and relieve tension very quickly. Apart from that, music perfectly insulates children from harmful noise, either during a play, or during a rest.

MOVEMENT AND BRAIN - two friends

Children need to move. A healthy and fit child moves almost ceaselessly. By developing the child's physical fitness, we contribute to the development of its brain. Not only do we take care of the child's physical condition, but also we improve the concentration and powers of recall, skilful reading and writing abilities and fast associating.

“Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence are processes not of the brain alone, but of the whole body. The best educational programmes combine elements stimulating both physical and intellectual development of a child because, in fact, they cannot be separated.”


How does the child benefit from learning to read early?

  •     Acquiring the skill of reading the child improves concentration and memory;
  •     a child who can read is also proud of themselves, he/she has accomplished it on his/her own- enhancing self-confidence;
  •     children, who are skilful readers, become good and fast learners in the future
  •     if a child starts reading at an early age, they will read better than their peers who did not have such an opportunity
  •     a child who learns to read recognizes the whole words at once, and comprehends what he/she reads faster. Therefore their motivation and a desire to read increases
  •     a child who learns to read early has access to information, which their non-reading peers will discover no earlier than at the age of 8.
  •     a child becomes curious about the surrounding world and they are self-reliant- they can independently find a solution to any burning question that they may have.

When we teach our small children to read, we stimulate the development of their sense of sight. We make them more perceptive. At the same time the act of learning to read is not perceived as a difficult task which requires a lot of effort. They learn through play, and for this reason they will never associate reading with an unpleasant duty. They read faster and more effortlessly, than those children whose intellectual adventure with reading will not start until they go to school.

When we teach small children Maths, we influence the development of the logical thinking, thus we develop their intelligence.

“Learning is most effective when it’s fun" Peter Kline “The Everyday Genius”

The most important fact that we should take into consideration while we stimulate the development of children is that your kids should enjoy themselves. The results should be just a side effect. The most amazing aspect of working with children is that they reveal their abilities in the least expected moment. We have acquired the knowledge of how to facilitate your children's initiation into the world of gaining information and establishing good relations with people.

Each child in the moment of birth has a greater potential of intelligence than the one that Leonardo da Vinci was using. Nature has created our brain in such way that for the first six years of our life, we are able to absorb information at a great speed with no effort.