Our program

“Small European” is a private nursery-school. The certificate number: MZO-4320/257/09/EL Our nursery-school carries out an educational programme based on the pre-school syllabus, which is in accordance with Ministry of National Education guidelines:

1.Szkoła tuż-tuż – W.Żaba – Żabińska, Cz.Cyrańska

2.Bawię się i uczę – W.Żaba – Żabińska

3.Przedszkole Czterolatka – W.Żaba –Żabińska

4.Przedszkole trzylatka – W.Żaba – Żabińska

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Additionally, we use:

  1. Good Start Method by Marta Bogdanowicz
  2. Developmental Movement by Veronica Sherborne
  3. Method of supporting intellectual development and a mathematical education by Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska


The education of math in Nursery Schools is the best moment in child`s life to absorb knowledge especially based on personal experiences. Their senses are aimed at recognition, discovery and curiosity of the word. Children are able to learn math effectively when they are able to think operationally at a concrete level with coordination to problem solving by interesting activities and educational games.


Educational program of math includes:

  • Orientation in space and ability to communicate with peers

  • Rhythm

  • Formation abilities of counting, addition and subtraction

  • Cause and effect, forecasting what could have happened

  • Influencing development of operational thinking

  • Classifying

  • Creating and solving sums

  • Evoking mathematical intuition


4.  Simultanesus -sequal method - The modern method of effective syllable reading for children, based on the latest neuropsychological researches conducted by well known psychologist and speech therapist prof. dr hab Jagoda Cieszynska

 Simultanesus memory -the reading competence which concerns global memorizing .The information restored in right hemisphere are recognized and processed by the means of similarity.

 Sequal memory- the reading comprehension which involves linear way of memorizing and restoring information, and finding the correlations between two elements. This kind of memory influences the abilities of learning foreign language.

The modern method of reading, uses sequencing abilities of left hemisphere processes simultaneously processing language impulses from the right hemisphere. Every reading activity is based on accomplishments of the right hemisphere which aims to motivate and comprehend children to reading and proceed to analyzing sequences of the left hemisphere.


5. Educational Kinesiology by Paul E. Dennison is said to be one of the leading methods supporting learning. He claims that learning is most effective when it engages all the senses and uses the power of both hemispheres. The chief aim of Paul Dennison is to provide the children with the chance of full development. The method is created to oppose the “static” system of education, which hinders the development and is a source of stress.

“Gentle Revolution” is a method created by Glenn Doman. His programmes concentrate on reading, counting, physical and intellectual development, as well as acquiring the encyclopaedic knowledge to ensure complex development of a child.