I want to be a kindergartener

I want to be a kindergartener


The Nursery ‘Mały Europejczyk’- offers new activities from September 2012. The classes for future kindergarteners will be held on Mondays – Wednesdays or on Tuesdays -Thursdays

From 5 o`clock to 6 o`clock. During these classes we offer everything that creates unforgettable moments, enjoyable and exciting associations with Nursery School..

The main concern of these classes is to improve child`s physical and intellectual development, integration of all senses and mastering manual skills. These activities are perfectly organized for children`s age and abilities. However, the most important feature of these classes is that they harmoniously and safely prepare young pupil to inhibition in nursery.

Te activities are created due to child’s needs ;

  • Acquisition of new skills necessary to cognition of the nearest environment and oneself

  • Integrate socially with peers - what helps to gain better contact with children in group and educes coexistence in group.

  • Development of body movement and awareness of body

  • Explicating manual abilities through mastering artistic skills

  • Motivating to become independent and courageous in meeting the demands of everyday life.

  • Relax through games incorporating elements of musical therapy and story reading therapies

Programme is based on modern learning methods which are:

  • Relaxation exercises

  • Pedagogy of activities for young learners

  • Musical therapy

  • Activities and games with Klanza

  • Education of physical condition through dancing and movement

  • Acquiring the knowledge of colors, shapes, fabrics, development of manual abilities, activities for logical and creative thinking, improving artistic skills by various techniques like painting, collage, cutting, sticking, stamping, sculpturing, pressing...

Total cost:

  • 100 zł per month- twice a week

  • 80 zł per month- once a week

The presents of parents during the classes will not only help educators while art activities but will also led to spend marvelous time with child

Contact us ; Forgein Language Nursery ‘ Mały Europejczk”, ul. Św Anny 22; telephone number 501 355 780