Extra activities/classes

Apart from our main educational programme, children also have the possibility of attending a wide range of supplementary activities ( included in the fee). These are:

English- 3 hours a day. English classes are great fun. Children can play and familiarize themselves with the language at the same time. We teach English through games, singing songs, performing various scenes together with a teacher, and colouring pictures. The atmosphere in the class resembles a natural environment, similar to the one in which a child learns a mother tongue. In this way children have great fun and they can take part in prepared games and quizzes, and learn many traditional English nursery rhymes.

Physical movement activities – games involving physical movement create happy and pleasant atmosphere. They satisfy children's natural need for movement and develop physical fitness. It is also a good way to improve their condition and state of health and to create the best environment for active leisure. Moreover, children do the physical exercises which also teach them good manners and values-they learn discipline and how to work in groups.

Physical exercises with the elements of corrective physiotherapy- Physical exercises are conducted according to the Sherborne's method. The set of creative activities gives the children awareness of themselves. It encourages further development of trust and builds of positive relationships. These movement experiences enable the person to be appropriately supported while being encouraged to explore their unique creativity through shared movement activities. We entwine some elements of corrective physiotherapy exercises in order to prevent bad postures.

Arts and Crafts- children can take part in various artistic projects, which aim at developing imagination, artistic expression and manual dexterity. Children learn how to use different tools and how to cooperate with a group, and discover new abilities...in other words, it is learning through play. Younger groups work with modelling clay and plasticine, whereas older children will have an opportunity to discover the art of creating things from materials that have accompanied people throughout the centuries namely, clay.

Small mathematician- a series of mathematical classes stimulating the development of logical thinking, thus influencing intelligence. Special interest group of logic games- chess, draughts, jigsaw puzzle, logico, rebuses, board games, the crosswords. This is a set of games which develops perceptiveness, logical thinking, patience and the ability predict next moves.

Storytelling- these activities consist of a teacher telling a story. Children can choose they favourite fairy tale or crate their own story. Storytelling is combined with Arts and Crafts referring to the theme of a story being told. Activities stimulate their imagination, creative thinking, and give them the opportunity to free action. They practice focusing their attention and active remembering.

The green valley- “ Why is the grass green? “, “Can water be dry?”- we will find answers to the above questions during activities, in which children are going to be scientists trying to discover various secrets of nature.

Eurhythmics classes- activities developing children's musical abilities, hearing, sense of rhythm and they teach children to express music through movement.

Swimming pool- once a week children participate in swimming classes, where they learn to swim with a swimming instructor.

Religious Education

 Dog therapy- classes with the participation of a dog. The presence of a dog interacts children on their emotional behavior helps to overcome and alleviate the state of uncertainty with dogs, helps to accept the company of dogs, eliminates aggressiveness behavior. What is more, the therapy forms positive emotions, develops empathy and effects the child`s self esteem.

Dancing classes –cultivation of dancing during the classes improves the self expression and ability to express yourself through movement. The main advantages of participation in dancing classes are: explicates movement and memory coordination, develops the artistic potential. Furthermore, dancing classes eliminate the child`s shyness and explicate their self confidence.

Speech therapy- during these classes pupils perform suitable movements to music. Thanks to its entertaining form children unconsciously improve or attain coordination of their whole body movements And it indirectly influences on the speech organs . The main goals of these activities is the elimination of speech deflects, rationalization of hearing loss and alerting children to collaboration of speech and music features, for instance, rhythm, melody, pace, a variation of sounds.

 These combined elements stimulate both intellectual and physical education. Not only do they help to develop better orientation in space, it improves their concentration and evolves logical thinking and fast associating.

Reading corner –once a month children get to know the writings of the main Polish writers like J.Brzechwa, J. Tuwim, M. Konopnicka,. Children perform drama scenes from the stories, where they attempt to built grammatically and logically correct sentences. These are the first steps to overcome the inhibition during public performances.

Tennis – only for interested participants, children learn to play tennis with professional instructor, these classes are in addition.